Decor Elements…Take a LOOK!!!

Wall Vinyl ArtI’m excited to announce that Stampin’ Up! now carries a line of Home Decor appropriately named Decor Elements.  Décor Elements is vinyl artwork for walls, mirrors, windows, or other hard, smooth surfaces.


Stampin’ Up! has long advocated decorating your home using Definitely Decorative stamp sets. Décor Elements takes that same idea and uses a different medium to accomplish the same mission-making your home a beautiful representation of your style!

Through our product development, we’ve been able to achieve intricate designs because of our manufacturing process. Whether you want to spice up the walls of your home or frame a piece for display, Décor Elements is easy to apply, easy to love, and easy to remove.

Need to see more?  Click HERE for a preview of the catalog.  If you prefer a copy of the catalog please email me HERE and I’ll send it right over to you.  The possibilities are endless!!!


One Response

  1. Wall decor, such as these stamps, are a brilliant way to spruce up rooms or spaces that don’t really fit a vase with flowers, or an entire new piece. They also add beautiful accents to already decorated spaces and go along very well with almost any theme!

    They’ve been around for a while but seem to be picking up more and something we definitely are interested in trying at Nest DC!

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